5 Reasons to Move to Dothan, AL

Alabama is filled with great small towns and cities. So many that choosing the best place to call your home may not be simple. Dothan certainly deserves a spot on the list of top choices, however. The town of 45.700 people is quiet, friendly, and affordable, but there are tons of additional perks of making this move. Five top reasons to make the move to Dothan:

1- Own a Home

If buying a home is on your list of things to do, Dothan is an excellent place to call home. Low home prices make buying much easier, especially for families who live on modest incomes. Use a home finder search dothan al to locate the homes that best match your needs.

2- Low Crime Rates

So many cities and towns are infiltrated with crime, and while Dothan isn’t 100 percent free of crime, it’s not something that must constantly be on your mind. Families enjoy far more comfort when they call this small town home.

3- Amazing Scenery

Dothan has incredible scenery that makes everyday a vacation. Go outside and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful scenery. Have your camera ready to snap a few shots so the moment can last forever. It’s really that beautiful in Dothan.

4- The Weather

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In case no one has ever told you, the weather in Alabama is amazing. There are a couple of cold weeks in February, but the rest of the year is delightful. You’ll love wearing short sleeves year-round as a Dothan resident.

5- Loads of Fun

The annual Peanut festival is one of the many highlights that Dothan residents enjoy. There is always something exciting taking place in Dothan, but you must be a part of the town to learn it all.